“My five year old Autistic child utilized Peach Tree services both offsite and onsite.  The knowledgeable, certified aides, behavior analyst, and owner were always courteous and informed.  We could count on their reliability without question.  The communication channels were always open and welcoming, facilitating a wonderful working relationship.  The environment at the clinic is safe and welcoming.  I always felt secure when my child was in their care. The clinic always stayed on top of my insurance authorizations and billing, keeping billing simple and straightforward. 

 As far as results, the ongoing correspondence and analysis between staff and parents allowed my child's programming to be adjusted when goals were met or new goals were set.  This made us certain we were focusing on what matters most, as well as planning for the next steps.  The offsite aide assisted my child in a preschool setting, which bridged the gap between a special education setting and a typical setting.  Now, more than six months after we started with Peach Tree, my child is unassisted in a typical Kindergarten classroom setting, which I believe was in large part due to his programming with the clinic and their efforts to successfully transition him.

 Not only was I satisfied with the professionalism and care of the staff on a day-to-day basis, I was also impressed with the growth my child made in his time there.  I highly recommend the clinic for children who need additional support prior to entering school years and also for summer school as the lack of structure can cause significant regression with children on the Autism Spectrum.  I am so thankful Peach Tree Clinic opened here in Bozeman!”

- Parent of a 5 year child